Production Management

Plan your Work – Work your Plan

Customers demand prompt order fulfillment. Your task is to meet this demand efficiently and cost-effectively while maintaining a minimum level of raw material and finished inventory. Add custom production runs and the numerous product variations common in the floor covering industry to the mix and you realize you need powerful, accurate production planning tools. The CAMS Product Management System meets this challenge by combining a complete Bill of Materials subsystem with capacity planning tools and the powerful, comprehensive CAMS Order and Sales Management System database. Through this collaboration of information, the CAMS system informs you of your current and projected inventory needs and suggests production plans along with the corresponding raw material requirements. You can even communicate planned production quantities and dates to your customer service and sales personnel, providing a seamless flow of information from the plant floor to the front office.

Control Over the Shop Floor

By putting up-to-the-minute work instructions at the fingertips of workers producing goods, CAMS Production Management System enhances product quality and employee efficiency. Furthermore, by capturing real-time data from the shop floor, CAMS allows supervisors and managers to closely monitor production and make better decisions when unforeseen situations arise.

  • Planning Systems
  • Bill of Materials
  • Yarn/Raw Material Processing
  • Rug Production/Runner Production
  • Tufting
  • Dyeing
  • Finishing
  • Cut Processing/ Including Alcon Cut System Integration
  • Integrated EDI (Communicate with Outside Production Vendors (Finishing Companies/Yarn Companies/Shipping Companies)
  • Full Costing System – Cost of Sales/Cost Sheets/Past-Future-Budget