Order Management

Quality Customer Service – Your customers expect it

Order fulfillment has traditionally been sourced on a site by site basis because companies do not have adequate visibility to current or expected inventory across their supply networks on which to base sourcing decisions. This often leads to orders being delayed for lack of inventory at one site that could easily be shipped from another site or supplier. Conversely, orders frequently are shipped from the order receipt location when they could be shipped faster and more economically from locations nearer the customer.

CAMS Order Management solution enables orders to be optimally sourced from multiple locations and suppliers to increase supply network flexibility and efficiency. This rules-based order sourcing application integrates multiple host order management and warehouse management systems across extended supply networks to determine the best location to fulfill each order or sub-order. The result is increased efficiency, more flexible and cost-effective inventory allocation, and improved customer service.

What sets this solution apart from other sourcing applications is that it not only provides real-time visibility to current inventory across customers’ extended supply chains, it also factors in expected receipts and production on a date-sensitive basis to allocate future inventory based on customer ship dates. Because it integrates to WMS and transportation systems, allocation algorithms can be extended to take into account factors such as product aging, workload balancing, dock door capacities and transportation costs. This brings a level of efficiency to distribution operations not previously available.

You need an Accurate, Flexible Pricing System

With the myriad of price combinations associated with buying groups, specials, trade styles, contracts, quantity breaks, roll and cut pricing, etc., your pricing structure can become very hard to manage and maintain. Invoicing your customer at the wrong price can be costly. There is the expense of issuing a credit memo, additional billing, or a concession on future orders. And, you may never know if your customer was charged too little. Pricing errors could even cost you a valuable customer. The CAMS pricing system is designed for every pricing scenario.

Credit Management

Credit across your customer base can vary widely. You need to be certain an order is credit approved before you ship your valuable inventory. The CAMS credit system gives you that assurance by providing the tools to know where your customers’ order is in the credit process. Optionally, the system can review your customers’ orders to determine if the credit status should be reset or attention by your Credit personnel is required. No unapproved order can be shipped on the CAMS system. Also, the CAMS system can communicate with your Bank or Factor to fully automate the Factoring process. Requests for credit are issued, decisions are returned, invoices are sent electronically.

  • Customer Service/Order Entry
  • Pricing
  • Credit Process
  • Factoring
  • Fully Integrated EDI Solutions
    • Walmart/Walmart.com
    • Home Depot
    • Lowes
    • Menards
    • Dozens of Others (Multiple .coms, Catalog Companies, Smaller Box Stores)
  • Browser Based Options Available
  • Secured Multi-Level Access
  • Claims System Including Return Authorizations and Credit Memos