Sales/Commission Management

Sales–CAMS reports it from just about any angle

Accurate and flexible sales reporting is essential, and the CAMS Sales Management System provides it from any angle. The system delivers a true picture of how well your products and sales staff are performing. With knowledge about your customer’s buying trends, your staff can fine tune their sales effort. Because of the dynamic CAMS database, you can be as creative as you want in your sales reporting requirements. Chadwick & Associates can also create custom reports to suit your particular needs.

Commission Management–Rewarding Success

Your sales staff is an important part of your enterprise. They bring in the business that keeps your company successful.. The CAMS Commission Management System provides reliable reporting to ensure the accuracy of the sales commission earned by your sales force. Commission splits are also supported by the CAMS system.

  • Sales and Profit Analysis Inquiries and Reports
  • Export Data to Excel/Email
  • Commission Tracking and Reporting
  • Browser Based Sales Information System with Multi User Levels (Sales, Regional, Executive, Customer)