Executive Information

Executive Information


The Importance of Information Access

Keeping up with the daily demands of your business requires information that is both accurate and accessible when you need it. CAMS Software provides different levels of easily accessible, secure visibility to help you and your customers make critical decisions in real time.

Executive Management Tool (EMT)

CAMSNet EMT real-time, Web-based Dashboard management visibility solution facilitates proactive managerial decision-making. This Web-based portal provides the crucial data and performance metrics essential for making strong strategic and tactical decisions in real time. Easy to access and navigate over the Internet or corporate Intranet, EMT Dashboard organizes and displays information about your distribution and supply chain processes in clear, easily understood graphics (with drill-down detail available). Now you can improve and extend managerial vision, turning the challenge of customer satisfaction into an opportunity for market leadership.

Real-Time Customer Visibility

CAMSNet Customer Service Web-based Dashboard visibility solution creates an environment for world-class customer service. CAMSNet gives authorized customers and partners Web-based access to a wealth of order lifecycle information, including available inventory, order status and tracking data. By providing Web-based “self-service,” this solution not only facilitates customer satisfaction by providing immediate response, but it also reduces your service staffing requirements, improving bottom line savings or reallocation of staff to higher profit business centers.

  • Daily Summary Page including Booking Data/Cancellation Data/Net Sales/Credit Memos/Production Data/Yarn Information
  • Multi-Year Sales/Order Bookings History by Month, quickly see current year vs previous years
  • Multiple Analysis Screens
  • Sales/Profitability Analysis
  • Spot Business Trends
  • Internet or Intranet
  • Access as a Sales Person/Regional Manager/Executive/Customer